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The Sugar House
Gathering Sweet Gifts from Mother Nature from Tree to Table


Beginning mid to late February through mid March, we place several hundred taps in maple trees throughout rural Glocester. Depending on Mother Nature and weather conditions, we can gather several hundred gallons of sap daily. The sap is then brought back to our farm to be produced into our own Chepachet Farms Maple Syrup. The sap is turned into syrup at a ratio of 40:1. This means that 40 gallons of sap makes just 1 gallon of syrup!

Although the farm remains closed at his time, our maple products may be purchased at many local businesses, or call the farm at (401)-568-4535 to arrange barnyard pick up.


Chepachet Farms Maple Sugar House | Local Maple Syrup

Chepachet Farms is owned and worked by Jody & Neil Esposito. Jody is a graduate of RISD Culinary Arts program and a certified RI food safety manager.
Jody is registered with the partners in animal assisted programs, and holds certificates of completion in horticultural and agricultural activity programs.
Chepachet Farms is registered with the USDA for animal welfare.

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